About Ziad Kobeissi

Ziad Kobeissi is considered to be one of the actual most underastimated artists &painter and visionary of the twenty first century. He was born in Düsseldorf Germany on October 29,1970. Living for some time near to Malaga, Spain; London, Great Britain and actually Berlin, Germany.
In addition to painting, Kobeissi is also a photographer, sculptor, designer, poet and musician and visionary. He spent most of his adult life in Germany.

Early life

Kobeissi showed a passion and a skill for drawing from an early age of 3 years on. From the age of seven, Kobeissi received formal artistic training from his father in figure drawing, perspective and composition. The fourteen-year-old Kobeissi copied Masterclass Oil Paintings by Leonardo DaVinci and studied scetches of Albrecht Dürer, Goya, Rembrand und Hironymus Bosch So he surpassed his Father early, who vowed to give up painting.

Actual Work

Kobeissi currently has a deep desire to bring art and science back into one sphere and to create synergies together on new projects of an artistic and scientific nature. He works on fancy photo projects of a private and artistic nature across europe and is currently still considered a special insider tip among connoisseurs. The connections to various institutes such as the frauenhofer institutes and others give his work a wide scope and possibly an extraordinary significance for art in the future.

Kobeissi loves Zen, coffee, gentle spirits, joy, maritime, garden, nature and the commitment to people in harmony with nature and animal welfare.